Interview with One of South Africa’s Best Traders


During the 2019 Asia Trading Cup Grand Final, we interviewed several of the best traders, who qualified to the final table.

In this interview, Ashley Jessen chats with one of the finalists who made a staggering 319% return to qualify for the Asia Trading Cup grand finale.

Click play on the video below to find out how Gustavo prepares for the Grand Final.

Gustavo is from South Africa, and it took 27 hours for him to get to Macau to participate in the grand final.

During this interview, Gustavo covers:

  • What got him interested in trading in the first place.
  • His preferred style of trading and why he does NOT stick to one form of trading.
  • Why he likes to change up his trading system between mechanical system trading and discretionary trading.
  • The inspiration of Jim Simons and his latest book ‘The Man Who Solved the Markets’.
  • His preparation leading up to the Asia Trading Cup Grand Final.
  • Which instruments he prefers to trade and how volatility plays into it.
  • The fine-tuning of his Expert Advisor trading Robot for the 1-hour live trading final.
  • How luck plays a part in his strategy during the final
  • The importance of focusing on not making mistakes and the reasons behind it.


We hope you draw some inspiration from his story and resonate with his style of trading.

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Ashley Jessen // Author of CFDs Made Simple, Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities

Ashley Jessen is the author of CFDs Made Simple and Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities. He has been in the financial services industry since the year 2000 and worked for some of the leading companies in the CFD, Forex and Online Trading space.