$75,000 Total Prize Pool. 50 Winners

New trading competition coming soon

Mar 1 - Aug 31


Our Ranking system is based on MMR (Money Management Ranking) - An advanced algorithm that considers profitability, risk management, stability, risk-adjusted returns, draw-down levels, and longevity when ranking contenders.

Last updated: 2023-08-31

Pip Hunter Trading Competition

Whether you're a trader or a fund manager, the Pip Hunter Trading Contest is your chance to showcase your skills and attract investors. Perfect for algorithmic traders, it accommodates various trading styles and strategies for recognition in the trading community.

Prizes Distribution

The cash prizes are fully withdrawable and are added into the winners' live accounts.
trading competion 1st Prize
1st Prize


trading competion 2nd Prize
2nd Prize


trading competion 3rd Prize
3rd Prize


trading competion 4th Prize
4th Prize


trading competion 5th Prize
5th Prize


Offline Activities

Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I enter more than once?
You can enter multiple times. Some traders have multiple trading strategies they are using and open new trading accounts for each one and enter them separately.
Can I represent other people to participate in the Tradingcup contest?
You need to have an ACY live account to be eligible to enter the contest. It means every contestant will use the name on their trading accounts in the competition.
Is there a limit to the amount of leverage available to use?
In the Tradingcup contest, we allow leverage up to 500:1. You can change your leverage in the ACY client portal at ACY.Cloud.