Become a Signal Provider

Share your expertise and become a signal provider so other traders can copy your trades

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Perks of Providing Signals


Passive Income

The potential to generate additional income by sharing your trading strategies with others, allowing them to automatically copy your trades.


Build a Reputation

Establish yourself as a reputable trader by showcasing a track record of your trading expertise, gaining trust, and attracting more followers.


Showcase Your Signals

Leverage the rich analytics of the Tradingcup platform to gain followers, saving you time and resources in promoting your signals independently.

How to Provide signals

step 1

Sign up with ACY Securities

To provide signals on Tradingcup, start by creating an ACY Securities trading account and seamlessly link it to Tradingcup.

step 2

Set up Your Signal

Select an MT4 account for your signal, define your subscription fees and provide a clear description of your trading strategies.

step 3

Fund & Start Trading

Deposit at least $50 and start trading on your trading platform.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a signal provider?
A signal provider offers trading signals or recommendations to other traders. These signals are generated based on the provider's analysis of market conditions, technical indicators, or other factors that they believe can help predict favorable trading opportunities. Traders follow the signal providers in order to take advantage of potential trading opportunities in the market. Those subscribing to a signal provider's service receive the trading signals. These signals include information about the recommended symbol, trading volume, and order types (buy or sell) for a particular trade. Signal providers offer insights, but they are not infallible. Their signals are not flawless, so there are still risks. Traders should carefully evaluate the performance and reliability of a signal provider before making any trading decisions based on the signals provided.
As a signal provider, how do I receive the subscription fee and how the commission is calculated?
The subscription fee will be transferred from the signal follower's account to your subscription account directly. If the signal follower's account base currency is not USD, we will transfer the equivalent amount in USD to you based on the current exchange rate from ACY Securities. Limited Time Offer: Until next year, the platform will not deduct any commission from subscription fees.
How are signals ranked?
Signals are grouped into the following 4 categores: Leader board, Total gainers, Top risk managers, and Newest signals. The leader board uses our advanced algorithm to factor in profitability, risk management, stability, risk-adjusted returns, drawdown levels, and longevity when ranking traders.