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What is copy trading?
Copy trading is a form of trading where a trader copies or replicates the trades of another. Novice traders or amateurs can copy the trading strategies of experienced traders in real time with the aim of making trades on their own through a trading platform that connects both traders. Our copy trading platform allows you to search for traders to follow and replicate the trades of the trader(s) you select. This means that when the copied trader makes a trade, the same trade is created in the copy traderโ€™s account. Copy trading is a way for novice traders to learn from other traders. However, it is important for copy traders to thoroughly research and understand the performance and trading strategy of the traders they are following.
How does copy trading work?
You can copy any trades that the signal provider places simply by clicking Copy. The trades are copied immediately and placed based on the the proportion calculation of your account balance. Here's how copy trading proportion is calculated: Divide your balance by the total balance of all the signal providers that you've subscribed. For example, if your current balance is $ 1,000 and you've subscribed to three signal providers whose balances are $10,000, $6,000 and $4,000 respectively, the proportion will be 5% (divide $1,000 by the sum of $10,000, $6,000 and $4,000).
What are the minimum requirements to be a signal provider or a copy trader?
By meeting the minimum requirements below, you can begin your journey on Tradingcup as a signal provider or a copy trader and gain access to the features and benefits offered. 1.) Have an ACY Securities account: Sign up for an account on ACY Securities. 2.) Have a MT4 account: A valid MT4 account is required. 3.) Initial minimum deposit: The initial minimum deposit for our Standard accounts is $50. For ProZero accounts, the initial minimum deposit is $200.