Frequently Asked Questions

What is copy trading?
Copy trading is a form of trading where a trader copies or replicates the trades of another. Novice traders or amateurs can copy the trading strategies of experienced traders in real time with the aim of making trades on their own through a trading platform that connects both traders. Our copy trading platform allows you to search for traders to follow and replicate the trades of the trader(s) you select. This means that when the copied trader makes a trade, the same trade is created in the copy trader’s account. Copy trading is a way for novice traders to learn from other traders. However, it is important for copy traders to thoroughly research and understand the performance and trading strategy of the traders they are following.
How does copy trading work?
In the first place, you subscribe to the signals by clicking Copy. Then, the platform will copy the new trades with your account based on the proportion calculation of your account balance. Here's how copy trading proportion is calculated: Divide your balance by the total balance of all the signal providers that you've subscribed to. For example, if your current balance is $ 1,000 and you've subscribed to three signal providers whose balances are $10,000, $6,000 and $4,000 respectively, the proportion will be 5% (divide $1,000 by the sum of $10,000, $6,000 and $4,000).
How does a subscription work?
A subscription on Tradingcup works in the following flow. 1.) Signal selection: Select a desired signal provider listed on our website. 2.) Price and subscription period: After subscribing to a signal, you will be charged a flat monthly subscription fee directly through your trading account which is used for copy trading. If your account base currency is not USD, we will deduct the equivalent amount in USD based on the current exchange rate. 3.) Renewal: Subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of each billing period, that is a month after the subscription dates, to maintain your access to copy trades until you cancel. 4.) Unsubscription: You can cancel any subscription at any time by clicking Unsubscribe. Please unsubscribe at least 24 hours before the next subscription renewal date. If you unsubscribe during the current subscription period, you can still copy new trades or pause the trades copied until the current subscription ends. 5.) Resuming: Click Resume subscription to resume the subscription to a signal.
What are the minimum requirements to be a signal provider or a copy trader?
By meeting the minimum requirements below, you can begin your journey on Tradingcup as a signal provider or a copy trader and gain access to the features and benefits offered. 1.) Have an ACY Securities account: Sign up for an account on ACY Securities. 2.) Have a MT4 account: A valid MT4 account is required. 3.) Initial minimum deposit: The initial minimum deposit for our Standard accounts is $50. For ProZero accounts, the initial minimum deposit is $200.
How do I copy trades?
Step 1 - Log in or Sign up with ACY Securities. If you haven't already done so, start by creating an ACY Securities trading account and seamlessly link it to Tradingcup. Step 2 - Choose Your Traders. Browse through our curated selection of top-performing traders. Select the ones that align with your investment goals and risk appetite. Step 3 - Copy and Trade. Once you've chosen your preferred traders, simply click on "Copy." You can copy up to 5 signal accounts simultaneously under your account. If you agree with the trading proportion calculated on our platform, click "Copy Now" to start replicating the trades of your chosen traders automatically. If your account balance is insufficient to begin copying trades, you can easily deposit funds to meet the required minimum balance amount. By copying trades from elite traders on Tradingcup, you gain access to proven strategies and insights that can help you achieve your trading goals faster and more efficiently
How do I pay for copying a signal?
After you subscribe to a signal, the subscription fee will be deducted from your account and transferred to the signal provider's account. If your account base currency is not USD, we will deduct the equivalent amount in USD based on the current exchange rate from ACY Securities. The subscription fee for a signal is determined by each signal provider, usually ranging from USD $30 ~ $ 500.
How long will I need to wait for the trades to execute on the platform after I copy them?
The copied trades will be executed after signal providers place orders with an average time of 500 ms ~ 1 sec; this may be impacted by network connection speeds for users worldwide.
Is it necessary for me to open a new trading account?
You do not need to open a new trading account if you already have a valid MT4 trading account.
How do I find signals?
Start by clicking Signals on the top menu of our website. You can also use the Search Settings filter to apply your search criteria.
If I subscribe to a signal provider, can I still trade normally in my account?
Definitely, you can trade as usual in your account after subscribing to a signal provider.
Do I need to keep my MT4 platform open?
No, you don't need to keep your MT4 platform open and running.
How do I become a copy trader?
1.) Sign up for an account on ACY Securities. 2.) Have a MT4 account: A valid MT4 account is required. This account will serve as your trading account. 3.) Initial minimum deposit: The initial minimum deposit for our Standard accounts is $50. For ProZero accounts, the initial minimum deposit is $200. Here are some tips to help you get started: - Research and evaluate signal providers - Subscribe to a signal provider - Keep track of and evaluate the trading performance - Determine whether to switch to another signal provider - Manage risk by diversifying signal sources - Regularly assess the performance of your signal provider(s)
How do I provide feedback and suggestions about Tradingcup?
To provide feedback and suggestions about Tradingcup, join our dedicated forum. Your insights help us enhance our services and create a better trading experience. Register on our forum, share your thoughts, and engage with fellow traders to shape the future of our copy trading platform.
How do I unsubscribe to a signal?
You can cancel your subscription to a signal at any time by clicking Unsubscribe. The subscription will be cancelled from the next billing date, and you won't be charged again until you resume copying the signal. No other trades will be copied after the unsubscription. All the trades copied will remain open until the signal provider closes them. If a signal seems anomalous, your next subscription will be terminated automatically.
How do I stop copying a signal if I don't want to copy it at the moment?
Simply click the pause icon to stop copying a signal. You can click the play icon to resume copying at any time.
How do I resume copying a signal?
You can resume copying a signal simply by clicking the play icon to resume copying. If you resume copying before the expiry date as indicated, the subscription will resume immediately. If you resume copying after the expiry date, you will create a new subscription to the signal.
How do I evaluate the performance of a signal?
By reviewing a signal's historical performance, including returns, drawdown levels, MMR rank, trade frequency and timing, you can have a clear picture of the signal's trading proficiency and evaluate the performance of the signal.
Why is my profit different from the signals I've subscribed to?
Due to differences in balance, leverage, account type, or you mannually trade on your trading platform and unforeseeable factors in actual market movements, it is impossible for trading profits to be completely consistent. However, maintaining similar balance, leverage, and account type can minimize differences.
How does the performance fee work?
The performance fee is a percentage of the profits earned by the copier on their invested amount. This fee is charged by the signal provider for successful trading performance. For example, if the performance fee is 20% and the copier earns a profit of $1000, the signal provider will receive $200 as a performance fee.
What is the high-water mark principle?
The high-water mark principle ensures fairness in charging performance fees. It refers to the highest peak in the value of an investment. The performance fee is charged only on profits earned above this highest point. If the investment experiences a loss and then later recovers, the performance fee is only charged on the new profits earned beyond the previous highest point.
Can I withdraw from my Copy Trading account?
Yes, but please be aware that if the balance is insufficient to cover the subscription fee and performance fee, the copying will be automatically terminated. Additionally, any changes in the balance will affect the copying ratio. If the balance difference between your account and the signal provider's account is too large, it may result in trade sizes that are too small to execute.