Disaster for One Provides Opportunity for Another – James Hu Catapults to the Lead

Change is inevitable, particularly in a trading contest.

We have been highlighting the trading style and statistics of one of our traders, who had been leading for most of September, while Gold was range-bound.

But on Monday, Gold fell below the key support level, providing more than a challenge for our leader.

Unfortunately, this dramatic move on Gold saw him drop out of contention and well outside the top ten traders.

But those moves were precisely what James Hu was looking for, with his Gold trading strategy syncing up incredibly well with current market conditions.

As a result of Gold’s significant drop, James catapulted from 157% on Friday to 249% today.

Also resonating well with Gold was Hardy Feller, a new entrant to the top ten list and well-positioned to secure a place in the 2020 Grand Final. Hardy is also a fan of the precious metal, with more than 90% of his trades placed across Gold.

And a big welcome back to Yuan Tsui, who came second in stage 2, who has managed to get above triple figures for the month. Please note that trading leveraged instruments is risky and you can lose more than what you start with.


While we can see several regulars atop the top ten leaderboard, we have more variety now than ever before.

This is likely due to more traders getting involved and testing their trading strategies against their peers, and setting personal goals to get to the top.

Well done to all who are currently in the top ten.

James Hu has been relentless on trading the Nasdaq Index

For September, James has become somewhat of a Nasdaq specialist, riding the ranges with precision and taking full advantage of the bigger moves as they occur.

You can see in the chart below, the Nasdaq hit a high on the 2nd of September, only to fall away consistently for the rest of the month, seemingly unable to fight back to those earlier highs.

Not only that, but the ranges have provided James with some excellent risk-reward trading opportunities.


Here is a list of James’ most actively traded instruments.


When we dive deeper into James’ trading statistics, you can see over the 372 trades he has placed, that his average win and average loss are almost identical, with his wins slightly outperforming the size of his losses.


But it is his excellent win percentage that has allowed him an equity curve that many traders will be extremely jealous of.

Also, his biggest win was a huge $455.65, which is also bigger than his biggest loss of $334.54.

This shows the talent of being able to let his profits run and cut his losses off short.

A combination of a higher average win, a win rate of 63%, and the ability to let his big winners run is incredibly unique in the trading world.

Who wouldn’t want trading statistics like that?


Hardy Feller – Welcome to the leaderboard

A relative newcomer named Hardy Feller has managed to prove his incredible trading talent in the month of September, rocketing to second place with a handful of huge wins, relatively speaking.

Hardy only placed his first trade on the 22nd of September but, in his first three trades, managed to make an astounding $2,367, building his confidence along the way.

After a period of flatlining, he then went on a series of 20 straight winning trades, amassing $3,821.

100% of those winning trades were buy orders placed on Gold on the 24th of September.


All of those trades occurred on the big green candle following Gold hitting rock bottom.


Speaking of anomalies, Hardy has managed a win rate above 92% while having his largest winning trades more than double his largest losing trade.

Not only that, but his average win is only slightly lower than his average loss­.


It is incredible to see trading statistics like this, and it must be an incredible feeling for him trading his account like this.

Even if his statistics were half of this on an average month, it would be outstanding.

He seems to be able to find a momentum move and when that happens, turn up the heat on his trading activity and volume on that instrument.


A huge congratulations to Hardy on such a phenomenal month so far.

Yuan Tsui, back near the top of the leaderboard

A warm welcome again to Yuan Tsui, who thrilled us in Stage 2 with an astounding return of 664% to secure second place.

What we love most about Yuan Tsui’s trading skill is that he applies his method across all instruments that meet his entry technique.

You can see the wide range of instruments that have met his criteria so far in September.


Click here to hear his trading interview from stage 2.


And once again, as is the case with all the leaders, there is a lot to like about his trading statistics.

Please keep in mind that many traders also lose, and when it comes to leveraged trading instruments, you can lose more than you start with.

Yuan has managed to keep his average win and average loss around the $20 mark, but his percentage win sitting at 65% is what enables him to keep pushing his equity curve from the bottom left to the top right.


In our previous interview, we already uncovered that he doesn’t use a trading robot or Expert Advisors, like one of our winners Gustavo Correa.

Instead, as a full-time personal trainer, Yuan places all trades directly into the MT4 Trading Platform himself.

Are you getting inspired to trade?

Have you been sitting on the sidelines, reading these fantastic stories of the best traders in the 2020 Trading Cup contest but not getting involved?

By reading the trading statistics of the leaders, I hope it gives you a sense of the numbers and key statistics required to create a positive trending equity curve.

You have likely seen none of the winners are ‘getting lucky’ but instead using consistent skill to apply their best trading system.

Now is your opportunity to apply your best trading strategy and see how you compare to your fellow traders worldwide.

Remember, when trading Forex with ACY Securities, you can trade as little as 0.01 of a lot or what we refer to as one micro lot. This is a position size of $US1,000.

Your goal should be to build a trading system you can scale up and gain confidence in.

You are not trying to win the competition, but instead, take every trade your system generates and then refine your system until it meets your financial goals.


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Ashley Jessen // Author of CFDs Made Simple, Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities

Ashley Jessen is the author of CFDs Made Simple and Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities. He has been in the financial services industry since the year 2000 and worked for some of the leading companies in the CFD, Forex and Online Trading space.