6 Trading Cup Champions – Their Equity Curve, Stats and More

With the Trading Cup 2020 Grand Finals night fast approaching, let’s recap the stage 1 to stage 6 champions, their most traded instruments, equity curve and trading styles.

Stage 1 Champion from June 2020

Name: Mao Long Yang
Monthly gain: 782.63%
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A programmer by profession, Mao Long Yang mainly used the Bollinger Bands trading indicator in finishing first place in Stage 1. The CFDs he traded were primarily in Gold and the EUR/USD pair.

From his equity curve below, you can see how impressive his trading was early on, rising from $2,000 to $19,992.20. This was swiftly followed by a long losing streak, which saw his account balance fall by 63%.

He fought back from that trading lull, to move his accounts from $8,644.90 to his final equity high of $17.652.63.


Stage 2 Champion from July 2020

Name: Zhen Wang
Monthly gain: 3,429.89%
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Zhen Wang took a long position in Gold, and then successively added to the winning position several more times. He used a pyramiding trading strategy, where he kept adding to his initial long position.


Let’s take a few of his entry points on Gold, as he added to his winning position, maximising every chance on Gold’s trending move.


Stage 3 Champion from August 2020

Name: Mao Long Yang
Monthly gain: 146.97%
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After winning Stage 1, Mao Long Yang managed a repeat performance, again successfully claiming first place and out-trading his fellow competitors.

Mao’s focus was on Gold and, despite the early hiccup and fairly significant drawdown, managed to fight back and post an incredible gain for the month.

Let’s take a look at his trading statistics and equity curve.


Stage 4 Champion from September 2020

Name: James Hu
Monthly gain: 188.23%
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James Hu won Stage 4 by focusing on small wins and small losses as per his trading statistics below.

This highlights James’ ability to control his risk and not get emotionally attached to his trades, especially when positions were moving against him.

You can see how steady his equity curve is over the month, having placed 412 trades in total.

Towards the end, it is clear to see he was protecting his lead, forcing others to find the winners to overtake him.

James most actively traded instrument was the Nasdaq 100 index CFD.




Stage 5 Champion from October

Name: Yi Yun Zheng
Monthly gain: 149.60%
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Yi Yun has an excellent ability to trade in the direction of the trend and be patient for the trade to unfold.

While not as active as some of our other champions, it was clear that Yi Yun’s trading strategy can generate a lot of winning trades.

86% of her trades were successful, with most trades being placed on Gold and the Dow Jones index CFD.




Stage 6 Champion:

Name: Dongyuan Zhang
Monthly gain: 176.50%
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Last but not least, Dongyuan Zhang won Stage 6 with one of the most outstanding win rates. He managed an incredible 96.59% win rate on his trades.

You can see from Dongyuan’s equity curve below that he has a high number of consecutive winning trades.

It’s almost as if he is trading a martingale style strategy by adding to losing positions when they move against him, which then gets him back on side when the trade reverses from a losing position.

Most telling in his statistics is his ability to generate a large winning trade of $729.17 versus his largest losing trade of $300.69. Some excellent control there.

Let’s take a look at his equity curve and trading statistics.




Once again, congratulations to all the Trading Cup Group Stage champions.

We cannot wait to have you all trading together on one stage in front of the world to see.

The excitement is building day by day.

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Ashley Jessen // Author of CFDs Made Simple, Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities

Ashley Jessen is the author of CFDs Made Simple and Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities. He has been in the financial services industry since the year 2000 and worked for some of the leading companies in the CFD, Forex and Online Trading space.