Trading Cup 2020 Stage 1 Champion Announced


Stage 1 of the 2020 Trading Cup has drawn to a close, and as expected, Mao Long Yang, who had been leading for the majority of the month, clinched the win.

Congratulations Mao Long Yang on winning stage 1 of the 2020 Trading Cup.

Mao Long Yang's trading statistics are captured below.


It is important to note that this is a real money trading contest and not a demo trading contest.

Mao Long Yang managed to hold the contenders at bay, securing the win with 782.63%.

But it wasn’t without some heat from the rest of the top ten, including Wen Liu.

Wen Liu was sitting 5th just two days ago, on 217% and managed to close out the month on 592.73% to claim second place.

Below is the final leaderboard.


How did Mao Long Yang win?

Mao focused exclusively on trading Gold, making 1037 trades with 72.3% winning trades and 27.7% losing trades.

You can see from his trading stats below, that his average win was smaller than his average loss, hence why he needed such a high win percentage.

This meant his expectancy was $19.06, which means that for every trade he made, he expected to make $19.06 on average across all trades (win, lose or draw).

You will also notice how accurate his trading system was in the first 300 trades, with his equity curve rising rapidly from $2,000 to a maximum of $19,992.20.

There is no doubt the $20,000 figure would have been a strong psychological point, and one he would have loved to break through.

But you can see Mao then had a serious drawdown from $19,992.2 to a low of $7,271.50 or 63.6%.

Mao opened the door to the others in the top 10, only to close it firmly over the next handful of trades.

Then from his 750th trade, his equity low was $8,644.90, which then steadily increased to his final balance of $17,652.63.

You will note a strong rise towards the end of the curve shown below, where Mao went long Gold around the $1,751 level, closing all four trades around the $1,757.5 mark for a cumulative gain of $2,412.

Remember, these results are the best of the best and are not typical.

As you know, trading leveraged products is highly risky and can result in losses greater than the size of your initial starting balance. Trading in a live competition with real money is not for everyone and you should consider your risk profile and whether these products are suitable for you before joining.

Wen Liu’s rapid rise up the leaderboard trading Gold

Like many of the top ten contenders, Wen Liu’s preferred instrument was Gold.

Wen Liu entered the competition late, placing his first trade on the 22nd of June, but hit the ground running, with solid wins right out of the gate.

Wen’s first trade on the 22nd of June on Gold was opened long at 1,755.88 and then closed at $1,768.95 one day later.

You can see the 1st trade in the chart below.


Wen’s second trade was to short gold at $1,762.45 on the 25th of June, to then close it a day later at $1,749.61, which results in Wen’s biggest win for the month.


Wen was clearly stalking Gold for the last few days, waiting for his ideal risk:reward setup, which saw him place a further six trades in the last two days of the month.

The first three Gold trades he went long and the final three he went short. Wen then went on to place another 15 small trades on the Eurodollar Forex pair.

Interviews with the top placegetters

Stay tuned over the next week as we get in touch with each of the winners and interview them. We’ll dive in deeper into their trading strategies, their mindset and how they were able to excel during the month of June.

Stage 2 is now open

Are you ready to join Stage 2 and compete against some of the best traders in the world?

Stage 2 runs for the month of July and is now open for registration.

Click here to register.

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