Stage 4 Trading Cup Champion – Congratulations to James Hu

Congratulations to James Hu, winner of Stage 4 of the 2020 Trading Cup with an outstanding return of 188.23%.

James was always knocking on the door right out of the gates in Stage 4, consistently placing 2nd, until some big moves on Gold rocked the then leader, while James’ strategy on the Nasdaq saw him dominate the top of the leaderboard.

Since around week two of September, James set the standard that others only wished they could emulate.

Places two through four were flipping backward and forwards between Zhen Shuai Li, Du Lian Liu, and Yuan Tsui.

Yuan Tsui has been one of our strongest performers, placing 2nd in Stage two with an unheard-of return of 664.01% in the month. You can listen to his interview about his trading strategies here.

Congratulations to Zhen Shuai Li, who made a staggering return of 134.45%, focusing exclusively on trading Gold.

In third was Du Lian Liu, another first-time Grand Final qualifier, finishing September on a return of 124.37%.


How did James Hu achieve his returns?

We’ve spent a lot of time detailing James’ trading stats and trading instruments, here and here.

As you can see from his equity curve below and profit and loss image below, James is a consistent trader, not relying on one-hit wonders, but instead, focusing on small wins and small losses.


A great lesson to take home for all traders is that on the 22nd of September, James hit an equity high of $6,754.41, and then his next 108 trades saw his equity fall backward.

This is despite being on such a consistent roll at the start.

But his equity curve shows that he is the ultimate disciplined patient trader, never pushing the market to deliver returns.

It would be easy for many traders to think they are unstoppable after generating several hundred percent return.

Then to ‘go large’ with positions that could either multiple the account higher or decimate the returns, he worked so hard to achieve at the start of the month.

Here are the trading statistics of James full September results:


Sometimes your strategy is out of sync with the market

With discipline, you can see that James wasn’t going to change his strategy mid-month, but instead, managed his losses exceptionally well, to remain steady around his equity peak.

The lesson to take home here is that even a winning strategy goes into drawdown.

At these times, you cannot push the market to generate returns.

You have to be patient and keep applying sensible money management rules.

This means reducing the size of your losses at all costs and being patient to wait for your system to get back in sync with the current market.

Here are James Hu’s most actively traded instruments for September:


The high win rate of Zhen Shuai Li – One of the smoothest equity curves we’ve seen

Congratulations to Zhen, who placed 2nd in September, to qualify for the Grand Final.

Zhen’s equity curve is one of the most impressive we have seen, generating a 91% win rate, with a final return of 134.45%.


What you cannot see from the equity curve is that Zhen only started trading on the 22nd of September, but during that time, he managed to place 329 trades.

You will notice that the first 200+ trades generated pretty steady wins and losses.

It wasn’t until the win was on the line, and he could see the potential of victory, that his win rate went through the roof.

His last 40 trades were winners, generating $1135.97.

Let’s take a look at his trading statistics.


You can see why his equity curve is so incredible.

His largest win was $203, but his largest loss was just $43.60.

When you couple this with a 91.49% win rate, you have a winning formula.

Du Lian Liu with 124% finished 3rd

To round out the top 3 placegetters for September, we have Du Lian Liu.

Du has a similarly impressive equity curve, which seems only to know one direction. Up.


At one stage, Du managed 44 consecutive wins. No mean feat at all.

With a win rate of 85%, you can see how many winning streaks Du had shown by the series of green lines above, with no losing trades.

Here are Du’s final trading stats for September:


The patience of Du can almost be felt day by day, as he etched out an average win of just $5.04 and an average loss of $5.45.

When you apply those stats across 738 trades combined with a win rate of 85%, you get an equity curve you’d be proud of.

Here are the instruments Du traded in September:


Many different winners with many different trading styles

Hopefully, you are now starting to see that every champion has completely different trading statistics.

There is no doubt each winner has honed their trading methods over time to suit their personality type.

Every equity curve is almost as unique as a fingerprint, highlighting the subtle differences between each trader.

Here are the top 4 qualifiers for the Grand Final from Stage 4:

1.       Zhen Shuai Li

2.       Du Lian Liu

3.       Hong Lai Li

4.       Zhen Guo Zhang

Now is the time to register for the October Stage 5 contest.

Are you ready to test your skills against your fellow traders?

You may be sitting on an untapped talent that is just waiting to blossom.

But you will never know unless you take action.

Who knows what result is possible?


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Ashley Jessen // Author of CFDs Made Simple, Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities

Ashley Jessen is the author of CFDs Made Simple and Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities. He has been in the financial services industry since the year 2000 and worked for some of the leading companies in the CFD, Forex and Online Trading space.