Stage 5 Trading Cup Champion – Congratulations to Yi Yun Zheng

Another inspiring result from a worthy trading champion. Congratulations to Yi Yun Zheng, winner of Stage 5 of the 2020 Trading Cup. Yi Yun manager an incredible return of 149.60% in October.

Yi Yun Zheng was the month’s most consistent performer, right until the last day of trading.

In previous months, we’ve seen some traders lead all month, only to falter in the home stretch.

But this month, Yi Yun went from strength to strength, as shown by his equity curve, finishing the month with six straight wins.

Du Lian Li, who came third in Stage 4, managed to take second, putting plenty of pressure on 1st pace. We interviewed Du Lian here to discover how he managed a 124% return last month.

Du Lian is one of the most consistent traders and has an impressive track record for generating positive returns above 100% in just one month.

Xue Jun Zhang came in third place and managed to finish the month with the highest Equity balance. The reason for this is due to their starting capital of $US3,000 instead of the minimum $US2,000.

Xue got to triple figures, closing out October with a 101.89% return.

This means that at every Stage, we’ve had the top three placegetters above 100%.

Let’s take a look at the final Stage 5 Leaderboard winners and the top ten places.


How did Yi Yun Zheng achieve his returns?

Yi Yun has never been off the leaderboard this month, consistently trading day by day. We reviewed their performance in October here and here.

Yi Yun was one of the less active traders this month, who managed to maximise their winning run from the 16th of October to the 27th of October.

In relative terms, their trading performance dropped off a bit following that, but in terms of their overall monthly performance, it is incredible.


Yi Yun has an excellent ability to trade in the direction of the trend and be patient for the trade to unfold.

There was only a couple of losing streaks that seem to be banded together.

Other than that, the equity trading statistics show the ability to extract gains consistently throughout the month.

Also, the equity curve shows a ‘steady hand,’ where the position sizing was consistent.

There were no unusually large positions that could have destroyed the month’s gains. Instead, the size of each position was consistent across each of the instruments traded.

Here are the trading statistics of Yi Yun’s full October results:



Reviewing Yi Yun’s trading statistics for the month

One of the most consistent attributes of all the winners is their high win percentage.

With the contest being traded over one month, trend following strategies rarely get the opportunity to succeed.

This is why you see a high win percentage nearly always coupled with an average loss higher than the average win.

Short terms traders need to be frequently turning over their portfolio, looking for the next trade.

What is interesting to see is that his biggest win was greater than his biggest loss.

This shows that although he is a short term trader, he is willing to let the profits run if and when the opportunity arises.

In a fast-moving market that is moving in your direction, it helps to have the skill to let the winners run.

You can see how difficult this is, considering the best trade on the DJ30 continuing falling.


Yi Yun had the direction right, the timing correct but was unable to maximise the full move.

It would be fair to say that Yi Yun only locked in approximately 40% of the potential move.

Despite this, he did enough to claim the Champion’s trophy.

Biggest losing trade on Gold

Yi Yun’s biggest losing trade was on Gold, which happens to be the most traded instrument for his month of trading.

Below is the buy and sell for Gold, which delivered his biggest loss for the month.


On this trade, Yi Yun looked to fade the downtrend and go long.

This move proved incorrect, and he was quick to close the losing trade, limiting the damage.

As you can see, had he have thought his initial position was correct and let the position run, the result would have been much worse.

Yi Yun has the skills to cut the losses off short, which helps keep the account intact, especially when new trades are not in sync with the current market.

If there were one thing that Yi Yun could work on, it would be maximising a trending move. His best trade left so much more on the table.

Here are the top 4 qualifiers for the Grand Final from Stage 5:

1.       Xue Jun Zhang

2.       Zhong Wang

3.       Jun Wei Xue

4.       Shan Tao Yu

Now is the time to register for the November Stage 6 contest.

Are you ready to test your skills against your fellow traders?

You may be sitting on an untapped talent that is just waiting to blossom.

But you will never know unless you take action.

Who knows what result is possible?


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