644 Trades Places with 92% Win Rate – Trading Stats of 2nd Place

Once again, we have an intense final day of trading for those at the top of the leaderboard.

Wei Wei Wang continues to hold on to her lead, but it is the 2nd and 3rd place that will be making life more challenging for her.

Both Jinguo Ye and Mao Long Yang shot up the leaderboard on Friday, both hovering just below 100% in return for the month. Please note that trading leveraged products is risky and you can lose more than you start with.

As you can see from the top 10 results table, this month has been incredibly difficult for traders, struggling to find good trending trades with which to make solid gains.


Jinguo Ye has placed over 600 trades, winning on 92% of them

Today we are going to review the monthly results of Jinguo Ye, who is currently placed 2nd, with gains of 97.07% since the time of screen capture.

As you can see from the equity curve shown below, the consistency of Jinguo is nothing short of impressive.

Placing hundreds of trades with such regularity, to edge out small win after small win.

This is a level of patience that few people would be able to achieve.


You can also see their drawdown level is incredibly low too.

Their trading system rarely has a bad period. Instead, each pullback in equity is met with a series of consecutive winning trades.

Trading instruments Jinguo Ye focuses on

We've noted in many blog posts how many of the top traders focus exclusively on Gold, but more recently we are seeing several top results coming from those trading a wide range of instruments.

Jinguo has traded the following products over the last month:


But the percentage of trades and results are skewed to three main instruments

· Gold has resulted in 76% of all his profits, with 42% of his trades placed on the precious metal.

· He has placed 45% of all his trades on Bitcoin, with just 16% of his profits coming from the cryptocurrency

· The next biggest trading instrument was the Eurodollar, with 8% of all trades taken here, which resulted in 7% of his overall monthly trading profits.

Given the frequency of trading and small average win and average loss, it is challenging to show you the style of trading Jinguo does daily.

As you can appreciate, there are a lot of small trades being made.

High trading activity over a short number of days

One statistic that will have you in disbelief is the fact Jinguo placed his first trade for the August trading contest on the 27th of August.

That's right. He's only been trading for a handful of days and has already amassed 97% for the month.

Below is a table of the number of trades he has placed on each of the last few days.



Could he be running an Expert Advisor?

One of our past champions, Gustavo Correa, managed to use his Expert Advisors (EAs) to consistently earn a place in the final and be on our winner's podium.

Given the trading frequency, it appears Jinguo may be running a well-crafted EA.

We look forward to reaching out to him for an interview this week, to see exactly how he has created such a successful week of trading.

You will not want to miss the final hours of trading this month, as new traders continue to enter despite such a short space of time left to trade.

By the close of trading tomorrow morning Sydney time, we'll be crowning the Stage 3 August trading champion.

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Ashley Jessen // Author of CFDs Made Simple, Head of Marketing at ACY Securities

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