Learn how to build a trading algo for the Trading Cup Contest

Today more than ever, retail traders are using algo trading, also known as automated trading or bot trading, as it allows them to automate all or part of their trading process. But it is often complex to create an automated trading strategy, as you need to have sound knowledge of not only the markets, but programming as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to easily and quickly build a sound, reliable and profitable trading strategy that could help you save some time and energy analyzing the markets and placing orders, then Capitalise.ai is just what you need - and it’s free for all ACY securities traders!

Let’s discuss the advantages and risks of using algorithmic trading in your strategy, as well as why Capitalise.ai offers everything you need to create, test, and run an automated trading strategy without effort.

What is algo trading?


Based on pre-selected trading parameters, an automated strategy scans and monitors the markets for you, as well as automatically buys and sells different assets, depending on whether or not market conditions are in line with your predetermined configurations.

Using algo trading can help you save a tremendous amount of time and energy, as everything is automated! Moreover, it is a great solution to remain disciplined when trading and always follow your plan and money management rules.

Advantages of using algo trading

  • Allows you to save time analyzing the markets and placing orders.
  • Removes all emotions from your trading process.
  • Allows you to profit from faster and more efficient trading execution.
  • Reduces the human error factor when placing trades.
  • Gives you a chance to apply a winning strategy to several markets, which in turn allows you to make more profit and better diversify your portfolio.
  • Preserves trading discipline by always following your trading setups and money and risk management rules.
  • Allows you to trade around-the-clock, even when you’re not in front of the markets.

Limits of using algo trading

  • Unlike what Capitalise.ai offers, you often have to learn a programming language to create your algorithms.
  • Your trading strategy greatly depends on technology, which isn’t infallible.
  • Your strategy also depends on your research and the way you’ve set up your parameters. If there is something wrong or incorrect, your results will be compromised.
  • Very often, traders tend to over-optimize their strategy through excessive back-testing.

Discover the powerful ACY automation trading tool: Capitalise.ai

Capitalise.ai provides a seamless trading experience for those who want to take advantage of new trading opportunities with automated strategies, even if you have zero technical and programming skills.

With common, simple, and natural language, Capitalise.ai allows its users to create, edit, backtest and simulate algo trading strategies in a very easy way, as it is an intuitive, code-free trading automation tool!

All you need to program your trading strategy is everyday English.

When discussing the 7 habits of highly effective traders in a previous article, we explained that to increase your chance of success, you need to create a trading plan according to your trader profile, your risk tolerance and your trading strategy.

And you always have to follow it!

Capitalise.ai helps you to easily stick to the plan by using automated trading based on your pre-configured triggers.

If you find it difficult to find ideas to build your trading strategies, you can get help with the strategy library, which contains a wide range of live strategy examples. These trading strategy ideas can be sorted by return, hit numbers and other relevant criteria. You can also get performance statistics about each strategy, which can help you decide which one is best for you.

If you find a strategy that fits you, click on “Use as template”. Then, you just have to edit the strategy and modify the size of your position and the type of asset. You can use it live or in  simulation mode. It’s very simple!

It is also quite effortless to create your strategy from scratch with the Strategy Creation Wizard.

You can set up your entry and exit strategy by using simple and general words, like “buy”, “sell”, “if”, “before”, “after”, “at”, and “crosses”, among others, as well as more specific words classed in different categories like those related to Stocks, Forex, Commodity, Crypto Pair, Index, Number, Amount, and Indicator.

If you’re looking for advanced trading features to build a more complex automated trading system, Capitalise.ai has got you covered:

  • trade at a specific timing
  • trailing take profit and stop loss
  • dynamic entry price
  • tradingview alerts
  • monitor for patterns
  • trade the news
  • assets correlation
  • correlation to index
  • set trades size in USD
  • ATR indicator
  • MACD cross
  • buy one sell one around the pivot
  • buy at drop below the bollinger
  • simple MA crossover
  • reverse SRSI cross under RSI

To improve the profitability of your trading technique, remember to review your trading system once in a while to make necessary adjustments. If you want to quickly analyze how your changes can influence your performance, you can use Capitalise.ai’s backtesting feature and refine your new trading strategy’s parameters.

It is also very easy to use the simulation mode to test your trading without risk, as well as to always stay informed about what’s going on in the markets and in relation to the trading scenarios you created, thanks to smart notifications.

Most of our top 10 contestants are using Expert Advisors in the Trading Cup contest to automate their trading and give themselves the best chance possible to win the competition. Why not adopt an easier solution with Capitalise.ai and ACY Securities? Click here to register.

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