Top 5 reasons you must join a Forex trading championship

Thinking about whether or not you should enter a Forex trading championship? Well, let’s have a look at 5 reasons why you should join a Forex trading competition today!

But before we do so, it’s important to highlight that there are many Forex trading championships out there…

So you need to be sure you’re getting the most out of a trading contest by selecting the right one for you.

If you’re wondering why the Trading Cup is a one-of-a-kind Forex trading championship, have a look at our dedicated article.

1. Gain experience and skills with real trading that will build your confidence.


One of the biggest benefits of entering a Forex trading championship through a live, fair, and reliable competition like the Trading Cup is to be able to gain trading experience and skills that will last a lifetime.

By learning how to develop trading strategies with an edge through a real trading account, you will be able to strengthen confidence in your trading and constantly improve your process to get better results.

With a Forex trading championship, the experience you gain will allow you to test your strategies on new currency pairs, or transform theory and trading ideas into real trading opportunities.

2. Test your skills against your fellow traders.


For competitive FX traders, a Forex trading contest is a great way to find out how good of a trader you are.

It will give you the opportunity to test your trading skills against other traders from various backgrounds from all over the world.

Some traders sometimes decide to enter a FX trading championship with some of their friends or colleagues to motivate each other and get inspired by each other’s success - we had trading groups competing against each other in the previous edition that you can read about here.

3. Learn more about yourself.


Participating in a Forex trading championship is also a great way to learn more about yourself as a person and trader.

Like sport, trading is a discipline that reveals your true nature and can teach you a lot about yourself, which might change your life forever.

Trading is a multi-leveled experience that will help you better analyze any type of situation by taking into account risk/reward for each potential outcome of your choices. It will also help you understand what’s in your control and focus on it.

4. Be noticed on the international stage and use your results to get a job.


If you’re successful during a Forex trading championship, you can prove yourself as a trader and get noticed for your ability to provide good results while limiting risk.

It will also give you a chance to showcase your trading skills and capabilities on the world stage and use the results to find a job in the very competitive Forex, brokerage, or fund management industry.

A live Forex trading contest will definitely help you stand out among all finance and economic graduates. In addition to the theory you mastered during your studies, you will be able to provide a track record of your performance, showing that you also have real experience.

5. Get a chance to win real prizes.


Another great advantage of a live Forex competition is being able to win real prizes for your trading skills in addition to the profits you’ll make during the live trading contest).

Of course, not all Forex trading championships are equal, as not all trading contests offer big prizes…

Trading Cup’s prizes, for instance, are rather impressive, as they have given away $150,000 per year since 2018. The 2021 contest goes a step further, as it is a $1,000,000 event!

The top 5 traders will each trade with a large trading fund and pocket a slice of the profits - with the top 1 trader managing a $500,000 trading account.

Are you ready to participate in the most prestigious Forex trading championship? Click here to register an account and participate in the Trading Cup contest.

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